Eco Roof Insulation in Stoke

Lapolla provide a world renowned spray foam product that can deliver savings on your energy bills in the home.

Eco Roof’s roof insulation systems in Stoke utilise Lapolla spray foam technologies to provide a unbeatable returns on investment. Superior waterproofing and air sealant properties help to save you money all year round. Options are available for any roof type, ensuring energy efficiency is just a spray away.

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25% of heat loss occurs through uninsulated roofs. Eco Roof Insulation in Stoke can significantly reduce heat loss and generate real energy savings. Contact us and start saving today.

Save costs and protect the environment

Lapolla spray foam is the market leading fibreglass insulation alternative. It offers a number of key financial and environmental benefits and is the most credentialed product in the world.

  • A quick reduction in utilities means it pays for itself.
  • Completely seals all areas applied too, creating effective air and moisture barriers.
  • Reduces dangers of respiratory distress caused by traditional Insulation.
  • Improves soundproofing, reducing noise transferal.
  • Fast, efficient application, with no residual odours.
  • Certified, fully transferable 25 year manufacturer guarantee.
  • Increased energy efficiency ratings increase home value.

Spray Foam vs Fibreglass

With over 40 years of innovation behind them, Lapolla spray foam offers a number of advantages over traditional fibreglass insulation.

 Spray Foam  Fibreglass
Provides a perfect fit

Provides an air barrier

Provides a vapour barrier
(closed cell only)

Provides a vapour and moisture barrier

Maximises Energy Efficiency

Reduce noise pollution

Improves Air Quality

Resists Mold

Recognised as an NAHB research centre approved green product

Save energy and help reduce energy bills with roof insulation. Our installers can install Eco Roof Insulation across the UK, with our main areas covered below.

  • Nottingham
  • Nottinghamshire
  • Derbyshire
  • Leicestershire
  • Lincolnshire

Then get in touch to see how our roof insulation service can help you save energy.

Buy Now… Pay Later

Affordable finance packages
from £25.00 per month
*Depending on the size of your property

With The Eco Roof and Wall Company, you can benefit from:

  • No deposit
  • Nothing else to pay until 12 months
  • Alternative finance options available
  • Easy Monthly Repayments
  • Simple and convenient applications