conservatory roof insulation

Conservatory Roof Insulation & Why You Need It

conservatory roof insulation

Conservatory roof insulation can be a real benefit to your property, especially in the winter months when your conservatory  becomes almost un-usable due to the cold temperatures. In order to fix this issue, you might want to consider a conservatory roof conversion.

A conservatory roof conversion replaces your existing glass conservatory roof with a with our innovative eco-tiled conservatory roofing system. This system is designed to keep the room at a comfortable living temperature all year round, ensuring you maximise the usage of this additional living space. Just like your house roof, you can choose from a range of tile designs making your conservatory just how you want it.

Conservatory roof insulation adds value to your property.

When your conservatory roof is converted to the exo-tiled roofing system for example, the conservatory is no longer classed as a conservatory and actually becomes part of the property, increasing the value of your home should you wish to sell it later down the line. If you were to sell your house, you’d be able to recoup the initial investments you’ve made in your conservatory making this not only energy efficient but also a financially efficient.

Conservatory roof conversions save money

All conservatory roof conversions comes with efficient conservatory roof insulation which in-turn allows you more control over your heating bills, saving you money throughout the year.

Reduced noise in your conservatory

Many homeowners will choose to have their conservatory as additional living space all year round and often have a television in there. However there’s a big issues, when it rains, the rain drops crash against the glass roof creating noise which drowns out the sound of your voice, televisions or any sound you may be listening to. A conservatory roof conversion removes this external noise and acts as a sound barrier, increasing your comfort in your conservatory. With our conservatory roof conversions, conservatory roof insulation comes as standard which means you’re not just blocking out the noise, but you’re blocking out the cold also.


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