Save Money On Energy Bills

How to get cheaper energy bills

During October, homes up and down the country will be flicking the switch on their central heating to avoid the shivers caused by the autumn breeze. By following some of these tips, you can turn down the dial and keep your home warmer for longer. By doing this, you’ll find cheaper energy bills coming through the post, saving you money.

Use Your Curtains

Simply by closing your curtains at night, cheaper energy bills can be rewarded to you. During the day, the sun can provide much needed light and sometimes additional heat, but when darkness falls and the sun goes in, your windows become nothing more than an opportunity for heat to escape. By closing the curtains, you’re adding an additional layer of internal insulation to your room. We also recommend that you check your windows for gaps, broken seals and any other ways the heating may escape from.

Re-arrange your furniture 

Just like a closed pair of curtains can hold out the cold, something such as a sofa in-front of the radiator can actually keep out the warmth. Taking the sofa in-front of a radiator for example, the radiator is pushing heat into the living space, however the heat is actually leaving the radiator and straight away, hitting the fabrics of your couch, meaning it can’t get to the air inside the room. 

It may be worth your time checking each room in your home to see if you’re stopping any radiators from doing as they are designed to.

Wall Insulation results in cheaper energy bills

Did you know 25% of your heat is lost through the roof of your home? Eco Roof insulation can significantly reduce heat giving you 25% more heating for the same price. This would allow you to reduce the temperature and increase your savings. The cost of eco roof insulation is mainly dependant on property size and of course requirements and preferences. If you have any questions surrounding external wall insulation (EWI) or roof insulation, speak to an expert on at The Eco Roof & Wall Company or visit our Eco Roof Insulation page for more information.

A new, more efficient boiler will reduce energy consumption

If your boiler is more than 10 years old, it’s probably time for a new, more efficient boiler. In some cases, you can save hundreds of pounds per year just by upgrading your house boiler. Take a brand new A-rated condenser boiler for example, it produces the same amount of heat as any other boiler, whilst using a lot less energy. Our experts suggest if your boiler is around 10 years old, it might be wise to have it replaced during the summer to avoid any unexpected cold winter nights due to breakage.

If a you do have issues with your boiler and you need a boiler repair specialist, please do get in touch.

It’s also worth speaking to your energy supplier for example British Gas to see what offers and energy saving schemes they currently have available.