Importance of Insulating your home

Having your home insulated correctly will provide you with a whole heap of benefits. Not only are you able to keep warm during the winter months but you could use less energy and reduce your carbon footprint.

One of the main reasons why homes need insulation is because almost half, if not more, of the energy we use on a day to day basis, escapes our household. As we offer a range of services to help make homes a warmer place, in this article we are breaking down everything you need to know about the importance of insulating your home.

Roof Installation

Unknown to most, heat escapes near the top of the walls into the loft area and then escapes through the roof. This is an extremely common problem for older properties to have poor insulation.

The same issue happens on the opposite end of the scale. When poorly insulated, cold air travels down the walls from the loft and creeps into your living space. If not insulated sooner rather than later, you’re looking to lose around 25% of the energy you use to heat up your home through the roof alone. To fix the issue, we strongly recommend you look into our Eco Roof Insulation service.

Through the use of market-leading Lapolla spray foam, you could reduce the amount of heat loss and reduce your energy usage.

Wall Insulation

Property without some form of insulation will lose heat through their interior walls. Typically around 25% of heat is lost through walls. When this is added to the amount lost through your roof, it is no wonder some of us notice our heating system is not as effective as expected. Like mentioned above, poor insulation is very common in older properties, however, there are some small cases where it occurs in “modern” homes.

External wall insulation protects your home from the outside. Like other insulation methods, external wall insulation provides your home with a number of benefits including lowering the risk of condensation forming in the home and reducing mould and damp.

As you can save up to 45% of heat loss with our external wall insulation, find out how we can help keep your home warm.

Additional Benefits to your household

As you’ve now learned, with the right insulation, you are able to maintain your desired temperature. However, there are additional benefits that come with insulation.

When your home is efficiently insulated, there is an added barrier to block sound vibrations entering your home. The reduced noise pollution is extremely helpful for those who live on busy roads or near train tracks.

So, not only are you reducing your energy usage, you are also able to rest comfortably knowing your home is more protected from what happens on the outside.

As we specialise in roof and wall insulation, we provide a practical and cost-effective solution to make your home more energy efficient. If you are looking to keep warm in the winter and cool in the summer, check out our roof & wall insulation services. Or book a FREE survey today!