LED lightbulbs can save you hundreds in energy bills

James Russell, technical development manager at the Energy Saving Trust, said: “If customers are prepared to pay the up-front higher cost they will quickly calculate that they will see a return on their investment within the first couple of years – and will go on making financial savings for many more years. Customers will also not have the hassle of continuously replacing burnt-out halogen lamps.” LED bulbs come with advertised lifetimes of 10,000 hours and up, compared to the typical 1,000-hour lifetime of hot-running halogen bulbs.

Lighting your home accounts for 18% of the average home’s electricity bill so it’s easy to see how savings costs can add up. Remember to turn off lights in rooms you are not using.

Where the average electricity bill is around *£600 per annum most homes are spending over £100 just switching on their lights.

Quality LED bulbs offer a reduction of approximately £75.00 off the average annual spend

*Based on an average electricity usage of 3,600 KWh