Quick tips for saving energy at home

Whether you’re paying through the nose, or are on a tiny tariff for your energy bills we can all be saving that little bit extra by making a few simple changes around the house.

You don’t always need to be switching your provider to cut down your costs and in this short article, we’ll go over some of the simplest energy-saving practices. Giving you the tools to reduce your energy bills with minimal effort.

Unused electronics

Leaving appliances and gadgets running when they’re not in use is a major contributor to high energy bills. Standby mode, unfortunately, isn’t as efficient as many believe. Appliances such as dryer machines especially are incredibly energy hungry. Most have features that cause them to run intermittently, even when they’re not running a cycle. If left on all the time this will inflate your bill significantly.

Any appliance that isn’t required all of the time, such as a fridge should be turned off when not in use. The savings made this way will really start to add up. Investing in energy saving light bulbs are also a great choice for long-term savings. (don’t forget to turn them off though!)

Cut back on central heating usage

Almost half the money spent on energy bills each year is a result of excessive heating and hot water usage. Whether you have a drafty home that requires lots of heating, or you just love a nice warm bath you can save big by using less heating at home.

Did you know: Reducing your thermostat temperature by just a single degree can save up to £80.00 per year?>

If you are suffering from a regularly cold home, insulation is a far better long-term solution than constant heating usage. You may not even be aware of how much energy your home is wasting through poorly insulated walls and roof. With a new insulation system, tailored for your home you could save up to 30% on your energy bills.

Washing at lower temperatures

Overusing your hot water system to wash your clothes at high temperatures is one of the most common reasons for high energy bills. With the right detergent, you can wash your clothing at lower temperatures and save electricity. Wasting warm water in this way is double trouble, as you’re overpaying twice. For unnecessarily heating the water and then using the water itself as eco-friendly cycles generally last less time, using less water overall.

Quickfire savings

  • Washing at 30 degrees can be up to a third cheaper than a 40-degree cycle, which adds up to potential savings of around £52.00 a year
  • Regularly doing your pot washing in a bowl can save you up to £25.00 a year.
  • Water efficient shower heads can save you as much as £75.00 a year on your bills!

If you’re overpaying on your energy bills we offer a wide range of unbeatable insulation systems to suit any home, which helps to reduce our customer’s energy bills significantly. To find out how much you could save, contact us about a free survey online. Or get an online quote for your new insulation system.

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