The Benefits of Replacing Your Boiler With a New Energy Efficient Model

Your boiler is the key driver to the energy efficiency of your home. An inefficient boiler leads to higher fuel consumption, greater emissions and costly energy bills. With technology advancing and boilers becoming more efficient, now could be the time to replace your boiler with a new, energy efficient model.

And it’s now possible to increase the efficiency of your heating system even more with the Nest thermostat. This is an intelligent thermostat device that replaces traditional programmable thermostats. Traditional thermostats can be programmed to achieve a certain temperature at a certain time. This means you can make sure the house is nice and toasty when you come home at night, or get up in the morning, and the heat is off while the house is empty. But what if you come home early? Or stay up late?

The Nest device removes the need for programming, as it actively learns how you use the heating system. Using the device for a few days will teach it what time you like the heating to come on, what temperature you like, and when you leave the house. The system also learns how your home heats and cools and adjusts its heating pattern to suit your home. This has the benefit of helping you achieve even greater savings on your energy bills, while also keeping your home warm when you need it to.

And if you upgrade your boiler to a new energy efficient model from Eco-Roof and Wall, you can benefit from our buy now, pay later option, with no deposit and nothing to pay for 12 months, after which you can choose to pay the amount in full, or pay for your new boiler on finance. So it’s never been more affordable to make your home more energy efficient.