What is External Wall Insulation and how is it beneficial?

External wall insulations (EWL) is the process of adding insulation to the exterior of your home. Aside from the immediately obvious benefit of reducing the impact installation has on your ability to use your home, there are many more. In this short article we will cover everything you need to know about external wall insulation.

So what’s involved in External Wall Insulation?

External wall insulation provides your property with several layers of protection, render and insulation on the exterior of your home, consisting of:

  • The insulation layer
  • Glass fibre matting
  • Undercoat render & primer
  • Topcoat

Depending on the location of your home or the type of wall you have, the method of fitting may either be adhesive, nails, or pegs.

What are the benefits

Although the initial cost for External Wall Insulation is slightly higher, the numerous benefits it provides in the long term are significant. Not just a simple internal insulation solution, EWL has many benefits that make it a worthy investment.

More effective weatherproofing

Dampness is a common problem in homes that are more susceptible to heat loss. External Wall Insulation reduces the risk of dampness entering your home by raising the temperature of your internal walls.

Caused by warm, moisture-filled air coming into contact with a cold wall, dampness is not a problem for externally insulated homes, that have better-regulated wall temperatures. This helps to prevent paint and plaster to cracks, peeling wallpaper, and even mould development.

Another perk of External Insulation is that it provides great noise cancellation, making for a quieter home. Living on a busy road or flight path? EWL is the perfect option for you.

Keep warmer in the winter

By choosing external wall insulation you are ultimately reducing the amount of heating required to keep your house warm – therefore reducing your carbon footprint and fuels consumption. External wall insulation has an immediate impact on the amount of heat loss experienced in your home. Keeping your home better insulated year round.

Brand new look and feel

As external wall insulations are topped off with a decorative finish, if you are looking for a way to revamp your home and improve your energy efficiency, our External Wall Insulation is a fantastic solution. With fire-retardant materials and tremendous thermal performance, an external insulation adds value should you decide to sell.

Interested to see how much you can save? Why not use our calculator on our external insulation page and receive your FREE quote today.